Here are our first six music videos, featuring a couple of wonderful pieces from our second EP, and two from our forthcoming third album

The first is a barrel-of-laughs Balkan banger, an original song to introduce you to the band, the second rapid-fire urban take on a Greek folk song, the third some intense Bulgarian folk with powerful group vocals, the fourth an intensely rooted and funky version of a greek love song, the fifth our award-winning performance of beautiful Turkish piece, and the last, some raucous, rough and tumble Klezmer in the woods...


Don Kipper performing "Aroma" at Sofar London on November 1st, 2016.

This is our winning entry for World Music Network's Battle of the Bands Competition, it's a Turkish song performed by a trio consisting of the angelic voice of Dunja Botic in combination with Tim Karp's Guitar and Andrew Gorman's Violin. Enjoy this wonderful arrangement of a beautiful song!

Here's our second music video, it's a frenzied, furious, and often funny take on a Klezmer Klassic, if you're still dancing like this at your Golden Wedding you've lived the good life!