Separated from the shoal, these two breakaway Kippers delve deeply into the Neshama (spirit) of Jewish music. In their performances they take an audience on an odyssey through Eastern Europe, touching on many of the traditions which have influenced East European Jewish Music, such as Romani Music, and rural folk traditions from around the Balkans and the Mediterranean. From Greece to Moldova via a synagogue in Kiev they move with wit, joy, and sadness in equal measure. Through the intimate interplay between accordion and the clarinet, these two musicians explore the potentials that a deep working relationship, a shared love for the tradition, and a profound friendship can create.

Daniel Gouly has been described as a ‘stand out’ musician in the London scene according the Evening Standard and his soloing has been described as ‘transcendental’ by Songlines, while The Financial Times has claimed Josh Middleton ‘has played with every Klezmer musician in London.’ After some deliberation, the Tsvey Kipperim have decided that actually that’s probably true.