Don Kipper and the Sabbey Drummers met by chance at a concert in which they were both programmed. They found that each group was inspired and intrigued by the other’s music, and are brought together by a collective joy for music making and collaboration across cultures.

This project explores the previously uncharted territories between the rhythms of West Africa, and the modes, harmonies and melodies of Southern and Eastern Europe.
Whether combining traditional Ghanaian Atenteben flute and beautifully harmonised chants with the fiery Judeo-Moldavian Bulgareasca rhythm, or mixing rapidfire Bulgarian melodic ornamentations and Greek Rembetiko vocals with the frenetic Kpanlogo Rhythm of Ghana, this project brings a new and exciting sound to the London music scene.

Keep your eyes peeled for new music and our first full length shows later in 2017...